Green Wifi for All ®

Green Wifi for All ® is a large-scale project

The GREEN WIFI FOR ALL Project consist of creating the greatest Wifi network in the world. To assure the innovative character of the project, it would be priority to first maintain the possibility of free Wifi everywhere, even in parkings (under and above ground level both), a continuity on highways by presenting bounds of very large ranges, in tunnels that never have coverage (loss of connection during passage through a tunnel may seem like an eternity, applications using geolocation stop working and calls with apps like WhatsApp are immediately cut off). Coverage in parks and airports, etc.

All this realized with the best GREEN IT procedures, that is to say implementation of devices permitting the preservation and the respect of the environment, the reduction of the social and economic imprint, usage of renewable energies like solar panels or heat or cold networks to make possible the supply of energy to all bounds.

Our next goal will be in these next 3 years: to connect at least 70% of the African continent.

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