The Saiyans Strategy

The Strategy of Saiyans:

According to Gartner, more than two times the amount of CEOs of big groups have the intention to develop internal technologies and new digital capabilities.

They do this in the form of subcontracting: 57% for internal technologies and 29% for new digital capabilities.

This turning to subcontracting also corresponds to the re-internalisation of technologies, like our offer of infra IT design and ensuring the security of this technology.

This capacity to make everything internalize in the company gives a competitive edge to our clients.

It is why that Saiyans Consulting, a powerhouse with its technological expertise of its staff has the firm decision of positioning itself as the major actor in guiding small and big companies towards IT and new technologies.

Investors have an important role in our vision, to better fortify our flight and expansion.

We consider as investor any physical or moral persons its time or/and its means to take Saiyans Consulting into the ranks of the best startups in he past decade.

In doing so, our stocks are open at 30% for investments in our priming capital for the length of 2017-2022

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