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Some Words About Us

  • Implanted in 3 continents, Saiyans Consulting offers the guarantee of a personalized clientele relationship in over 6 countries (Ireland, France, Usa, Côte-d’ivoire, Sénégal, Bénin), knowledge of activity, technical expertise and the tools of management necessary to facilitate your technological choices.
  • The Values of Saiyans Consulting:

            Our Priority: meeting the expectations of our clients

             Respect and reciprocity in our relations

             Integrity in all our actions

  • The quality and pertinence of our responses is due to greater part to the quality of the staff and the stability of the teams
  • Saiyans Consulting develops a policy of training and accompaniment of its collaborators destined to our clients profiles complete with a good methodology of work and a good level of technical skills. This voluntary measure is brought to life by among others, a strong commitment on editorial certifications.


Saiyans Consulting focuses particularly on the choice of its collaborators, the criteria of said selection reposes on:

  • Good sense of service and pedagogy (analytical and auricular qualities)
  • Ability to find simple solutions if possible
  • Ability to evolve and keep up with the evolutions of environments
  • Good team skills and ability to communicate
  • Motivation through teamwork and getting the best results
  • Availability, professional rigor and independence

Saiyans spend their time on :

Cloud Computing Hybridization   —   95%

Cross platform   —   75%

R - SAS - JAVA   —   85%

Python   —   95%

SEO   —   90%

Ethical Hacking   —   100%

Successful Case Studies

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Our Working Process







Turn your ideas into reality

Cloud Computing is one of the most fashionable IT technologies at the moment. This is not a mere coincidence. Once a ‘’Virtual’’ infrastructure, based on a Cloud is correctly installed, it offers a larger number of advantages than an old fashioned Data Center in terms of performance, scalability and even security. We help you to:

Simplify your migration to a Cloud,
Update regularly your solutions,
Boost the performance of your activity,
Structure your technological investments,
Deeply Secure your IT infrastructure.

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